A new OOH era
has begun!

The first sustainable station in Brazil.

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A new Out of Home era

A new OOH era has begun with an innovative format that takes the sameness out of people's lives through sustainability.

Comfort and well-being for users

The new user experience starts before you even enter the station. A protective marquee has been specially produced in wood from planted forests, with a recycled polycarbonate cover, reused rebar, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Functionality and new construction systems helping to make people’s lives more pleasant.

Urban culture and environmental awareness

Awareness of how important sustainability is has been included through art. Portraying a navigable Pinheiros River, mural painted Eduardo Kobra has painted not only an image from the past but an invitation to what may be in the future based on awareness. An exclusive work by a world-renowned artist that brings art closer to people's lives.

Brands in people’s daily lives

A space designed to connect brands with users through experiences, service delivery, and content. A new way to be an impactful and close part of thousands of people’s daily lives. At the entrance turnstiles, by digital panels along the route, on the platform, there are points of contact and communication possibilities.

Sustainable innovation

The Vila Olímpia station has been equipped with the most modern sustainable solutions, such as: photovoltaic plates to capture solar energy capable of supplying 40 houses, a wetlands system to treatment effluent and irrigate the gardens, and benches with mobile phone chargers made from recyclable materials. A new concept in Brazil that blends technology and innovation to work for the people.

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